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Rob Hampson

  • 30 Jul

  • Precision Intermedia

It seems to me that discovering one’s way through life is a constant dialogue of questioning and re-evaluating the results against reason and apparent fact.

Several months ago I heard a talk based upon the Tao Teh Ching, which intrigued me to look more closely into this 2,500 year old manuscript. It was something that always seemed to be in my vocabulary, but I had not ever looked at an actual translation.

Since then I have started a practice where I read a verse most mornings. I then try to assimilate it’s meaning into a few lines and post my interpretation on Facebook, along with a visual image, often a painting I am working on. This practice, in turn, seems to have imbued my recent work, and the way that I see it, with a Taoist essence—something that may or may not have always been there.

I call this new interpretation my middle way, a realization into humility, stillness, and being in this very here-and-now place. In the lucid moments when I am not projecting my thoughts and ego elsewhere, I find a very reassuring serenity in just allowing myself to be in the flow of life swirling around and through me.

I am humble enough to believe that I am not any more insightful, creative, or talented than the next person. Like everyone, I’m just trying to find my way in the world, and to discover a little meaning along the way. Part of my practice towards understanding entails keeping a sketchbook and painting every day.

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