Strawberry Rock Gallery | Hannah Pierce

Hannah Pierce

  • 31 Jul

  • Precision Intermedia

My sculptures are surreal depictions of dauntingly realistic themes. They express the disillusionment of progress and the sensation of confinement. The figures in my work often times embody the sense of being dominated by a structure and simultaneously supporting that same structure or system. I find myself devoted to exploring this interesting contradiction.

All my work is greatly influenced by ancient Peruvian pottery. Cupisnique pottery, in particular, uses sacrificial narratives and abstracted architectural references to signify the emerging civilizations that surrounded them. My sculptures have become a continuation of this idea, but instead they articulate the deterioration and flaws in contemporary civilizations. The narratives reflect the struggles and the sacrifices we endure as humans within these vast landscapes of corroding human fabrications.

Although my work may reflect feelings of discomfort and dismay, it also illustrates my fascination in the beauty and complexity of human behavior and the arduous cycles we become complacent with.


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